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Aug 23, 2019
Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity
"Vickie is a highly efficient agent who always delivers prompt and personable service." April 26, 2011
- Christy Burns

Apr 4, 2019
“Vickie McClain has been a tremendous help in navigating insurance, both home and auto, and all of the
Complexities involved. She has the ability and experience to make things simple and understandable.
In addition, she is extremely responsive and is a true champion of her client’s needs. We would highly recommend her to anyone that requires insurance guidance.”
- Justin and Christina Gonzales, 2017

Sep 8, 2018
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
"Vickie relentlessly explores all avenues with an understanding for an individual's needs. Her professionalism and knowledge is invaluable to me and instills a greatly appreciated confidence. I am fortunate to have Vickie McClain as my insurance advisor and agent." November 4, 2011
- Diane Butler

May 16, 2018
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert , High Integrity
"Vickie has been my insurance agent since she began her career in insurance and she is the best! She has the utmost integrity, to that end, she would only recommend certain insurance that fit all of my needs and would be an improvement over what I had. She is "hands-on" and there for you immediately when needed with the compassion and patience one might need at such a time. Vickie ROCKS!" May 9, 2011
- Kelly Malone

Jan 30, 2018
“As others have said, Vickie is a great agent! My partner and I have been with her for approximately 11 years with our auto, home and flood insurance. She looks out for the best rates and is always quick to respond to our questions and needs. She is always very professional and fun to work with. We really admire her professionalism, due to when she helps you out after hours, she truly believes it’s part of her job. As an example with Hurricane Harvey, Aug 2017, she sent out email about insurance contacts in case of flooding and her concerns for our safety.”
- Allen B. 8/26/17

Jan 10, 2018
Vickie has been my agent for almost 9 years. I totally trust her to help me make the best decisions on getting the best coverage for the money. She searches for the right insurance for me, is always available, explains everything, and is quick and organized. She is professional, friendly, and trustworthy.
Vickie adds a personal touch and makes the normally dull chore of choosing and buying insurance so easy and pleasant. And it doesn’t end there. Three days ago I had an auto accident and I knew I could call my insurance company directly but I called her first just because I was frazzled and I knew she would calmly tell me what to do! She answered the phone right away and just like I knew she would she helped me think more clearly about what to do, what info to get, etc….And I know that if I had a claim on my homeowner’s insurance due to a storm or other issue, there is a real person I can call who knows me and will do her best to get things take care of. On top of all that, she’s funny as heck and fun to talk to! Totally different experience than the impersonal dealings I had with insurance before. Highly
- KE 2017

Jul 27, 2017
“I don’t know you but…I like you. You seem to be a kick-ass lady who gets things done and I admire
that in a person. Just wanted you to know.
I’m glad you are our agent! We did SOMETHING good.”
- Shauna

Jul 23, 2017
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.
"Vickie is the most service oriented professional I have ever had the great opportunity to work with. If you don't feel special with your current insurance provider, call Vickie!" May 3, 2011
- Joyceleyn Marek

Feb 23, 2017
“I don’t know what I would have done without Vickie and her expertise. I recently needed new homeowners insurance and she made the process so effortless for me. Her information regarding options was obviously based in sound research and tremendous knowledge of the specifics of each agency , and policies, that she offered for my review. I was amazed at the savings that I was able to make after our consultation. Since my experience was so satisfying I decided to consult with her about my new car insurance. Great coverage at an amazing savings. She is quick to respond to all of my calls and questions, and I could not be more satisfied. Give her a call she is the best!”
- Pam G. 8/22/2017

Sep 20, 2016
"Vickie was our Farmers Insurance agent since our return from Amsterdam in July 2008, and until Feb 2011 when she decided to go on her own as an independent agent. Briefly stated, I cannot wait to be able to be one of her clients again, i.e. as soon as her contracts allow it. Vickie is extremely helpful in providing us with the information we needed upon our return. She made it a point of reminding us of all the discounts we can get when they become available to us. She was available practically anytime we needed her. Whe we had some issues with one of the contractors post hurricane Ike she worked with us diligently to get to the bottom of the issues, and helped us resolve them fairly. She is very professional, yet very pleasant and enjoyable to work with and talk to. I recommend Vickie with no reservations whatsoever. April 26, 2011
- Paul Ayoub

Aug 28, 2016
“Vickie is absolutely the best! One simple phone call, years ago, got me the best and the fastest info and coverage I could have asked for. I don’t even live in Houston anymore and she is still my agent for our properties in Galveston, Livingston and Houston.
Just can’t say enough about how pleased we have been with Vickie from day one.”
- Kathy P

Dec 29, 2015
“I am a Realtor and I refer all of my clients to her. Even when they get several bids, they typically choose McClain Insurance. She searches more than one firm and gives you a choice. She also takes the time to review the policies with you to help determine what is best for your specific needs.”

“I am not only a referral source; I use her myself for my home insurance. She is highly recommended!”
- Cindy W. 8/22/2017