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About Us

From my extensive customer service background I provide the high level of quality service that is usually unexpected but wanted. Do you love your insurance advisor? If not call me on my cell phone: 832-628-5232

Vickie McClain

Vickie is more than just an independent insurance agent. She is a financial coach with a good playbook. For home owners, investors, renters, and people just looking for insurance she is the trusted advisor. You see with Vickie it has never been about making the deal. Others may quote lower prices with inadequate coverage but not Vickie. When she gives you a price you know that the coverage is there if you ever need it. She takes the stress out of worrying about replacement costs and loop holes in coverage. Vickie works for you the client. Her goal is to provide you with the best coverage possible at the lowest cost.”
Bill Edge, Real Estate Broker Man-Edge Properties